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Those endless blog posts and tips you've been reading on how to grow your business? You know they aren't cutting it. 

And this is why.

You know the ones. 

They go a bit like this: "How to SEO your site" "How to get more clients" "How to use social media to get clients" etc. etc.

They're designed to be helpful, but they probably won't work for you, and this is why.  Because what you get is...

Generic business advice, designed for generic businesses. 

The problem with that; if everyone follows the same generic business advice, how is anyone ever going to stand out? 

Which means one thing- eventually price will be the only thing determining whether your client books you, and whether your business thrives, or dies. 

And what THAT means is: Following the same old generic business advice designed for anyone and everyone gets you stuck in the race towards the bottom, working ever harder, prices dropping lower. Well, how does THAT feel? Is that the business success that you dream of? 

I'm guessing not. But if you are the kind of entrepreneur who truly loves running yourself into the ground for minimum wage, you'll probably want to leave right about now. Nothing to see here. 

But if this ISN'T the business model you want- 


We don't do generic. 

We do this...

  • Alethiea De Pasquale
    Shining Lights has transformed my mindset and business. I am so grateful for the amazing beautiful bunch of positive women in the group, as well as for Charlie herself for running the program! - Alethiea De Pasquale #blessed
    Alethiea De Pasquale
  • First, banish your b.s. excuses! We'll give you some straight up honesty and a dose of loving ass-kickery.

    It means removal of whatever it is that's holding you back right now. Because unless you already have your dream business, we need to get rid of that supersized elephant in the room that nobody is talking about - why YOU are holding back your business, and what to do about it.

  • Identify YOUR action plan + route map to success.

    You'll uncover whatever it is YOU need to be working on in order to progress whether that's digital product creation or marketing strategies or traffic increases or pricing WHATEVER IT IS that YOU - need to do. You identify it and NAIL it.

  • You Get Visible

    Aren't you just so BORED of standing in the shadows, watching your competitors overtake you at the speed of light and wondering when is it going to be your turn? Yeah. Time to say Sayonara to the wallflower because this baby is about to BLOOM. Get noticed, stand out, GET CLIENTS. How? Kick-ass SALES + SOCIAL MEDIA strategies - without the slime or ick factor.

  • Increased Profits

    I'll show you how to increase your business profits faster than a wolf on Wall Street (just with, like, a ton more ethics). But the part that matters? Is right now your business isn't where it should be - for all of that work you are putting in, you should be seeing the money, honey. But you're not. Time to start investing - in yourself and your business - and understanding EXACTLY what it is you need to do to start finally getting the income you deserve.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of your marketing and business to-do lists?

Shining Lights will cut through the confusion and show you the way. Just like stars, or lights- in case you didn't get the reference. But the thing you need to know that is more important than a pretty cliche? 

Is that you feel swamped and overloaded right now because you have a million and one 'experts' telling you what you 'should' be doing. 

Not here. We cut through to the nitty gritty of what needs to be REALLY done in order to get your business to where you want it to be. As defined by you, not by a team of experts or tech addicts or anybody else who thinks they know what is best for you and your business when they don't know you from Eve.

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So what does this actually look like? 

Shining Lights is a one stop shop for all of your business and marketing knowledge - as designed and tailored to YOUR business. 

Because when I was shooting full time I got absolutely tired and bored of searching all over the internet for the answers on how to grow my business. I was posting in groups for critiques, support; reading blogs for advice and guidance; and then trotting off somewhere else altogether for inspiration; another place for coaching; and the thing is - that all takes up SO MUCH TIME, right? 

Time that you could be spending doing that thing which you love to do

I got tired of waiting for my business to grow. I got tired of searching the web for the help I needed to get where I wanted to go, fast. I got tired of generic articles, I got fed up with trying to fiddle about implementing strategies I would watch on video training sites that gave me such little live interaction I had no bloody CLUE about how to make it work for ME and MY audience and MY business. 

In fact, I just got bored of the business of being in business, and I very definitely got fed up with slow progress and no results in the bank. 

I knew there was a better way of being in business; of bringing back that creative joy AND financial abundance. Trouble was, I couldn't seem to find a place online that helped me to live and breathe it. 

Imagine - a place where you could go where you could filter out all of the generic advice, find out what would work for you and YOUR business, completely understand and support your mad LOVE of creativity, expansion, helping others, growing your financial and online empire, AND be inspiring and uplifting all at the same time?

You found it. And it looks a bit like this, if you want the nitty gritty.

So who is Shining Lights for?

It's for you if...

*You're determined to make your business grow

*You embrace new ideas 

*You're a big dreamer - and a big action taker

*You're bored of all of the fluff and looking here there and everywhere (aka all over Facebook and generic blogs) for the "right" thing to do

*you're ready to step up in business and own it

*you're tired of being invisible and wondering when it's going to be your turn

*you're experiencing S-L-O-W business growth or stagnation right now

*you know something has to change. You're not sure what, exactly, but this? This isn't the business + life of your dreams. 

*you can take a little tough love (I will be tender, but I will be honest. If you don't want open and honest feedback that helps you to assess your business without the rose-tinted lens- this isn't for you. But it is for you if you know tints belong on social media apps, not in business). 

*You are finally ready to OWN IT in business; maximum confidence, visibility, and the strategies that WORK FOR YOU.

Transform Your Business
Transform Yourself


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  • Nadia Meli
    Charlie is such a special woman. She's so focused, so motivational, "tough" when it is needed, but always caring and warm at the same time. Truly incredible to have that all combined in one person. She opened my eyes to so so so many things, and we covered so much ground in our time together, not once did I go to the bathroom! smile emoticon I love my business, but there is so much room for growth and I booked my time with her because I knew that I had reached a point where I couldn't grow alone anymore, without someone to give me a push and show me my future. If you are still thinking about making time for Charlie, let me tell you : IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT (and a lot more). Be prepared to have your mind blown and then be prepared to get to work! The value Charlie gives is huge. Sometimes you need an outside person to give you clarity, because you are so caught up inside yourself and your business that you don't see the obvious yourself. This program is so beneficial! - Nadia Meli
    Nadia Meli


Who is the program suitable for? 

Any creative entrepreneur who is determined to show up, do the work, and make a REAL difference in their business, upheld by an incredibly supportive community and a top-notch coach. 

What if I want to cancel my membership? 

Membership is non-refundable as you have instant access to all materials from downloadable books, audios, and bonus modules to the core modules themselves. But that's not why it's non-refundable - I know that if you show up and do the work outlined in the modules, your business will transform and I am 100% confident in this program and the results. 

How do I get access? 

Access begins as soon as you do! You will receive a welcome email with your login details and password so you can get started right away. All content is instantly accessible to you. However, there are guidelines on the welcome page as to how much you should do at once in order to gain maximum impact. 

What is the price?

To access all of my e-books, lessons and modules as often as you want for a full year, the cost is just $197. This is LESS THAN HALF of what we charged for the full-year program in 2016, so it's not likely to last long.

Would you provide one-to-one coaching? 

All Shining Lights members will have access to one-to-one coaching sessions. This is not part of the Shining Lights program and comes at an additional fee. However, private coaching sessions are currently ONLY available to Shining Lights members (and there is a waitlist as they consistently sell out). If you would like to book a coaching session with Charlie or another member of the FCA team, please drop a note to!

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Hi, I'm Charlie Kingsland-Barrow.  I work with intelligent and dedicated creative businesswomen who love their work and want to know how to get it out there in the world- and how to use it to book more clients and earn more money. 

My photography work has been published in Magnolia Rouge magazine, Style Me Pretty, The British Journal of Photography, Inspired by This!, Elizabeth Ann Designs, French Wedding Style, BLOVED, + more. 

I'm also a parent to two incredible little daughters and wife to one patient man ;) so I know that life is WAY too short to be handcuffed to your 'marketing strategies' and your desktop. 

I'll teach you how to remove whatever it is that holds you back, get you diving deeper into your artistic vision + purpose in order that you get to show up as the authentic and inspired photographer that you are;  then we will elevate your brand and business using killer contemporary marketing strategies. 

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