• Attract Your Dream Client

  • Maximise Your Profits

  • Streamline Your Workflow

  • All Using Powerful, Proven, Easy-To Use Strategies, Focussed On The Beauty Of Film

     Film: The Luxury Advantage - $67


Praise for the first book

Read what others had to say about  Supercharge Your Profits; Learn To Shoot Film

  • Renata Fry
    “So useful, and a real pleasure to read, very helpful and I know I will refer back to it all. You go into just the right amount of detail for it to make sense but not be too confusing or overwhelming… I’ve just finished reading- AMAZING. Just checked my list of questions and you've covered everything! Definitely worth the investment”
    Renata Fry
  • Chris Nachtwey, Editor, 35to220.com
    "Charlie’s marketing and business advice are stellar, and focus on the areas that many businesses need to improve upon. In my opinion this book is worth far more"
    Chris Nachtwey, Editor, 35to220.com

My goal for you is to grow your business, using the luxury aspect of film as the tool for transformation. When you know how to capitalise on this, your business profits increase, running your business becomes much easier + streamlined, and your passion + creativity remain alive.


The likelihood is:

*If you're here, you're hooked on film photography.  You love the look, the feel, the process, the quality, the art form, the potential it has for your business 

* You're a film shooter; whether film-only, hybrid, or just beginning to incorporate film into your workflow

*You know film can supercharge your business profits, but you're still unsure about how, exactly

*You're not really sure how you're supposed to use film to attract your target client

*In fact, you're not really sure if there are enough target clients out there that appreciate film photography to make your business truly profitable

*Come to think of it, if we are all shooting film now, you're worried that there will be even less clients to attract in the first place, let alone book you

*You haven't yet raised your prices in order to be able to fully cover your film-associated costs and make a healthy profit

*You like your brand, the look of your film work, and you're wondering - is it really essential to go down the airy/earthy organic brand route, to be able to attract the clients that you want? And if not, why isn't your business yet attracting the type and amount of clients that you need in order to grow your business?

In fact, you might have experienced this:

Your lab bill just came through; you have to kind of swallow a little when you see it, but it's bearable because the scans are just so breathtaking. You check the fridge - darn! It's looking a little empty right now - of both film and food.  So you need to order some more - in fact you can't wait to order, because you've been waiting to try that ten-year-old expired film that you know just might be the key to unlocking your signature look.  (You know your signature style is right around the corner, you're just on the verge of finding it).  Oh, and as well as the film, you also have your eye on that little G2 powerhouse.  And a Pentax.

You flick on to Instagram.  Your eyes land on the hashtag #shootfilmstaypoor and you give an inward chuckle.  You decide it's probably best that you wait for the G2.   You console yourself with some rolls of b/w instead. Along with all the color rolls.  You go back to looking at dreamy film images on Instagram.


You know that film can transform your photography business.  You know that just right around the corner, a healthy, wealthy, profitable business is going to be yours. You know, the one I talked about in book one.  Minimal work, maximum profits; appreciative clients, a unique look that clients hunt you down for.

The likelihood is you know all of this.  You just aren't sure of how to make it happen.

That's why I wrote this book.

book 2 cover

In this book you'll learn

*How to recognise and attract the clients that you truly want to work with

*How to create a beautiful brand that is personal, unique, and irresistible

*The 2 main tools crucial for your success - and how to use them

*What your clients REALLY want to see on your website

*One simple way to ensure your clients return to your website time and time again

*Why you need to run your very own ad campaign - and how to do it (for free)

*How to make the switch from digital to film less painful

*How to attract a killer team to ensure those images on your site reflect your new brand

*Why I nearly quit film photography - and why you might too

*How to match your digital files to your film scans in one easy step

*What a 'luxury brand' really is, why you already are one, and how to work it for maximum profits

*How to ditch the budget client, for good (if you want to)

*The exact wording I use in my emails to guarantee print sales - for almost every single client

*How much you should really be charging (and why your clients will happily pay this amount)

*The client that you really need to be targeting - as defined by the industry's exclusive survey + report

*How to price for profit


Discover what you should be blogging about, how to write killer headlines, and how to make your blogs capture clients for you; quick solutions for common technical issues;  fun strategies to boost your creativity and align you with your secret formula - and, this downloadable guide also contains exclusive FREE BONUSES - helpful worksheets + prompts + guides for you to use as you work through the book.

  Buy Film; The Luxury Advantage now, $67


This book is priced slightly higher than Supercharge, because the material contained within it is significantly more valuable to your business.  The content inside I could repackage and sell as a course or workshop for $$$; these are strategies I personally have used with great success.


In fact I am so convinced that you will find these techniques useful in growing your business that for the first time, this book comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.


(If, after reading, you haven't found any of the information contained inside to be valuable, you simply need to send me an email letting me know that it was not of use to you and I will issue you a refund)

book 2 cover For the price of one good meal out, you could learn how to use the Luxury Advantage for yourself to transform your business and business profits entirely.

Film: The Luxury Advantage is available NOW.

If you want to move your business beyond making enough to just about 'get by'

If you want to move beyond the budget client

If you're just simply curious about how to get the most from your film photography

This book is for you.