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As a photographer, there are probably two things you want to know.

How to make more money.

How to leave your mark on the world. 

Because that's a big part of why we get into business, isn't it? To create and give something of value.

Something that is beautiful, profound, meaningful for others. 

Yet sometimes we wonder if that's enough. 

Your bank balance isn't where you want it to be and sometimes, no matter how much you love this job, this incredible profession that we have chosen- we wonder - is there something more that we should / could be doing? Is what I do REALLY that important?

What if there was something you could do that not only made you happy and impacted the lives of others but also could completely transform your business profits?




It matters to you. It matters to your business. It matters to others. 

You probably already know it does. 

Because you're attended workshops. You've attended courses. You look up to others for inspiration. You've seen the difference sharing knowledge can make. 

You might have started running your own workshops, courses, or mentoring sessions, and days. 

So why do you need this course? 

Knowing how to mentor, coach, encourage and inspire - the right way - 


  • BOOSTS YOUR PROFILE & VISIBILITY (so your own core business reputation grows + spreads)

  • Transforms your CONFIDENCE in your mentoring and workshops (no more feeling like a fraud, or wondering if you are really good enough / experienced enough)

  • Gives you the CLARITY and STRUCTURE and INFO you need to be able to mentor - no more 'what / how should I be teaching'

  • The knowledge you need to be able to create a STEADY STREAM of mentoring clients, giving you year-round income

  • Charge what your services are TRULY worth - without guilt, fear, or hesitation

  • Attract clients who actively SEEK you and happily pay what you charge

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I know you want to mentor. You might have even begun offering mentoring sessions. You might have even gathered rave reviews.  You might be running courses and workshops. 


mentoring might be something that is on your rader, vaguely, somewhere off in the distant future. 

You like the sound of it. 

You just aren't sure if you are ready. 

So is this for you? 


  • You are currently mentoring others, or want to, but right now you have this sense of fear or nervousness around it. You just have this feeling that there must be SOMETHING more you should or could be doing to help others, to help your mentorees, but you just aren't sure what it is!

  • You haven't actively pushed or promoted your mentoring sessions. You might have created a facebook page or even run an offer or even entire WORKSHOPS but you're still not OUT THERE! You still don't have people LINING UP to work with you!

  • If you think mentoring is more or less just a case of sharing what you know. (the BIGGEST mistake photographers make when they start out mentoring).

  • You want to make a difference in the world, but you aren't sure how, specifically. You aren't even sure if mentoring is how you could or want to do it. But you have a little sneaking feeling that it COULD be.

  • You HATE the thought of SELLING mentoring sessions. OR selling ANYTHING. You just don't like the thought of selling, full stop, and you certainly don't want to SELL mentoring.

  • You're not really certain or sure of WHAT you should be mentoring on or teaching, specifically.

  • You know you don't want to be like every other photographer-turned-mentor out there. Just another photographer, trying to sell things to other photographers. You know you actually want to BE DIFFERENT and MAKE A DIFFERENCE you're just not quite sure how to do it

  • You are already offering mentoring sessions or workshops and they are just not selling.

  • Or your workshops and sessions ARE selling, but you want to make sure you are MAXIMISING them! Both in terms of what you can CHARGE but also the IMPACT you can have with them, you want BOTH of those things to be soaring through the ROOF!

  • You want an incredible new income stream. You know writing an ebook isn't for everyone. Or creating a course. But we all love to teach and share and inspire. We all know SOMEONE who can use our advice, help, teaching, wisdom; photographer or not! You KNOW this can be an incredible income stream for you you just aren't sure where to start, or how to make sure you're doing it right.

  • You want the possibility of making money AND helping others in a way that feels AMAZING and AUTHENTIC and true to who you are, your strengths, talents, passions, your heart-led desires!

I want to tell you something.

When I first started mentoring, when I was running my photography business AND looking after 2 little ones, AND then I started to mentor, I was making - with no effort whatsoever- an extra 1-2k per month. That was me working at absolute minimum hours, with no promotion - or anything at all.  I had undertaken a little training at this point, and had a ton of marketing knowledge of course, but really - this took zero effort.

Imagine what you could earn. As a secondary income stream. Even by putting in minimum effort. By implementing even just a FRACTION of what I'm going to teach you in this program. 

You don't have to have a ton of experience. 

You don't have to have publication credits. 

You don't have to have industry contacts. 

Or any of that. 

You just have to want to make a difference. 

And to change your own income levels. 

This is why I talk about it being amazing. It doesn't take much to make a difference.

The difference that you can make to your life, business, and the lives of others.


Actually taking mentoring seriously, to its maximum potential, was quite frankly, terrifying.

We arrived in Cyprus, we had used all of my savings from photography to get here and to get set up and sorted. We moved with nothing but 3 cases of hand luggage as we wanted to strip ourselves of the material (the immaterial). It costs more than we thought to set up a brand new life.

And then when we had nothing I had to invest in courses and training to make myself the best coach and mentor I can be.

You wouldn't start a photography business without ANY sort of training. Or you might, but you would very definitely be going the very LONG way round to success.

So, when we had no money, I invested every penny we had left, and every penny I made, into my training. (I'm still doing it, because I think you should never stop learning and growing. and I want to give you everything. But anyway-). 

To make myself the best coach + mentor I could be.

It was bloody scary.

A real leap of faith.

But I don't want this to be scary for you.

And I don't want you to feel like you have to take the long way around.  Trying to figure it all out for yourself. I learned very quickly that was NOT the best way and in fact I was wasting HOURS of my time trying to grab what little snippets of information I could find from other peoples freebies online here there and everywhere. What a waste of time. What a waste of LOST MONEY. 

I want this to be available to ALL, to EVERYBODY.

One day my dream is for EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN SCHOOL TO HAVE A MENTOR. Because it makes so much more difference than an hour learning completely pointless outdated stuff that you'll never have to use again.

But that's a long term dream.

We have to start somewhere.

I'm starting here.

Which is why I'm offering this course to you at a fraction of what it is worth. After this course you will be able to go out there and rapidly increase and grow your business using mentoring. 

If you book just ONE client a month for mentoring at an average of $1000, say, per client? 

That's an additional $12k per year into your business. If you get one per WEEK?! (which you will easily be able to if you follow this information) - well, you do the math.

Right now, what matters, is that you have this information.

You have the power and ability to go out there and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Because like me, you don't believe in this *BULLSHIT secrecy that so many of us have within our industry, this absolutely FAKE mystique that some creatives harbour where the message is I'M NOT REVEALING MY SECRETS AND I'M SO HARD TO ACCESS AND I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T.

I know you believe that openness, sharing, collaboration is the only way.

This course will give you the ability to charge absolutely TOP rates for doing what you do, because you DESERVE it, and because this is your BUSINESS. But it will also give you the opportunity to donate your time for free. To give more in terms of the CASH you use to GIVE to others, to DONATE, or whatever you choose to do with this information that can + will make the difference in your business.

That's what matters to me.

That's why I'm offering payment instalments to help you smooth over the initial cost - and an implementation plan to ensure that within even the first few weeks of starting out, your investment is recouped with ease. 


  • Nadia Meli
    I have no words to describe what happened yesterday!!!! Honestly! Charlie is such a special woman, so focused, so motivational, "tough" when it is needed, but always caring and warm at the same time. Truly incredible to have that all combined in one person smile emoticon She opened my eyes to so so so many things, and we covered so much ground in our time together, not once did I go to the bathroom! smile emoticon I love my business and I am on a good way, but there is so much room for growth and I booked my time with her because I knew that I reached a point where I couldn't grow alone anymore, without someone to give me a push and show me my future. If you are still thinking about a day with Charlie let me tell you : IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT (and a lot more). Be prepared to have your mind blown and then be prepared to get to work! I had the most stressful 3 days, with getting to Cheltenham (not so easy at night, on bank holiday, without a car!) and back to London for a morning flight, not sleeping more than 4 hours for 3 nights in a row - BUT it was ALL worth it!!! I would do it again today, because the value Charlie gives is huge. After such a crazy time I would normally be tired and first crash on my couch, but I got home and I was so energized with motivation, that I am starting on the things we discussed right now, today. Do yourself and your business a favor and invest in this. I am so glad I did, I cannot even tell you. Sometimes you need an outside person to give you clarity, because you are caught up inside yourself and your business that you don't see the obvious yourself. So beneficial. I cant even!!!! (loud sigh!!!)
    Nadia Meli
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