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Have you ever wished that there was a magic formula that you could follow and all of the issues you currently face in your business would just literally, transform? Picture it.

Clients flow to you, effortlessly. Marketing? You don't even need to think about it. Bookings fly in, business is booming, you're confident, you're successful, and you're happy. 

No feelings of business overload, stress, worry, or fear. 



This is the reality.  Your business just ISN'T flowing the way you want it to, your clients are drying up or have already long gone, and attracting new ones is - to be quite frank - an uphill struggle. 

And as for your FEELINGS- well you think this is kind of secondary to actually making the MONEY that you need to, in order to have not just a business that SUSTAINS you but is MORE than just a ridiculously expensive HOBBY- but seeing as we are here, why not let's mention that; actually, you feel like crap that your business isn't where it should be, because you just don't know what you're doing wrong. 

And I know, because I've been there. My first business failed spectacularly DESPITE having every single resource to hand I could possibly dream of, from first class graphic designers, a ton of youthful enthusiasm, publication credits, YEARS of marketing experience and financial backing from a charity. And I felt ashamed and embarrassed and confused - why couldn't I make this work??? 

Perhaps you've also experienced this-

*lack of money

*lack of time


*relationship breakdown


*low self-esteem and confidence

I mean the above- it doesn't feel GOOD, does it?

But listen- it's not entirely your fault.

We exist in an industry that is designed to value the IMAGE and how it LOOKS, over and above ANYTHING ELSE. 

This is what the industry- high end camera + kit manufacturers - want you to believe, because it's what keeps them in business!

The thing is - by prioritising and spending the majority of your time working on and concentrating on your images - you've fallen for the biggest myth in the industry. 

That clients only value you based on your work. 


Perhaps once, a long time ago, this was true. But NOW? 

In an age when almost all of our work looks identical - we all have access to the same actions, presets, equipment, workshops - and it's almost impossible for anyone to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

If everyone's work looks similar and nobody is standing out in the sea of pretty - sameness- why are your clients going to choose YOU???

I'll tell you why. 

Your clients are going to choose you because you understand how to sell yourself without being that slimy and desperate kind of 'salesy'. Because you understand that to communicate on a SUBCONSCIOUS level with your clients, to really CONNECT with them- it takes WAY more than just pretty, commercial images. 

It takes MASTERING client COMMUNICATION to get the results that you REALLY want in your business!

And deep down, you know this, right? 

You know just how powerful words can be. After all - you've read this far, haven't you?

You understand that your words can make you stand out from the crowd, get bookings, and gain endless referrals. 


You know, really, that you probably should be blogging more, sending newsletters; you understand the words on your website can turn your browsers into buyers.

But- for some reason - you haven't yet REALLY- really and truly and with all of your heart + soul -  done anything about it. 

You're holding yourself back here, aren't you? Let's see. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I know I SHOULD be blogging more, or doing it differently, I just don't know how and I just don't have time! I don't even know what to write about!

  • Newsletters- hmm, they sound interesting but again - I can't seem to fit it in and I don't even really know where to start properly with these! Is there a right and a wrong way???

  • In fact newsletters... they still make me cringe a bit. Aren't they just a bit spammy?

  • Writing PERSONALLY? ARGH! I'm not sure my clients want that, in all honesty. And I'm not 100% sure of what to write anyway...

  • Social Media - Why is barely anyone seeing my posts?? How can I use social media to actually gain bookings? How can I get my posts SEEN?

  • And I still don't really get something as simple as WORDS can REALLY transform my business!

If you've felt or experienced ANY of the above; let me help you here. Deal?


Think about what this would feel like instead. 

No more pain, fear, worry, anxiety around your business slowing down. No more endless to-do lists. No more constant busy-ness.

You've found a new way to do things. 

In short, you've mastered the art of standing out, gaining visibility, and getting clients. 

Sound good?

Good, because I'm going to share the exact system that I used to transform my business with you. 

In Storyteller  - Words That Get Clients, you are going to learn + master-

  • How to get clear on your authentic message and define 'your voice' so you can start attracting clients immediately

  • Create the posts that make you stand out in the industry and generate raving fans

  • How to become an Ideas Machine- generating endless ideas so that you're never stuck for what to write about AND ensuring you're creating the content your audience is DESPERATE for!

  • How to create the foolproof referral system that actually WORKS to gain a stream of constant clients and BOOKINGS!

  • The secrets behind magnetic words for websites - the trigger words and copywriting secrets you need to captivate your clients - from 7 + 8 figure business owners.

  • Social Success - How to make people give a damn about you + your work, increase shares and triple your engagement

  • The headline templates you NEED to make people WANT to read EVERYTHING you write

  • How to WRITE with EASE, CONFIDENCE, AUTHENTICITY and SPEED so that it's something you LOVE to do for your business, and isn't a chore!

  • PLUS the exact templates I used to generate THOUSANDS in print sales from almost EVERY client in my business!

  • PLUS exclusive bonuses!

Words can make the difference between a business that succeeds, and a business that fails. 

Right now, are you confident that your words are working for you?

Or are they working AGAINST you, or perhaps worse- not working at all?

You DON'T have to be a writing genius in order to get more clients and transform your profits, but you DO need to understand how to use words to gain the results you desire. 

You can find out how in Storyteller; Words That Get Clients.

This is what you can expect to GET from Storyteller

- Your website - refreshed, revitalised, with magnetic copy and the pieces you need to convert browsers into bookings

- Your blog - endless content ideas, confidence in knowing how to structure and write, the ability to write RELEVANT and ATTRACTIVE content that your clients WANT + NEED

- Grow your following - dramatically increase your number of followers and raise your visibility in the industry

- Social - grow your social shares and boost your visibility to your followers with the strategy I'm using that got me over TWENTY THOUSAND views last week alone

- The knowledge you need to setup and create newsletters that get read, get responses, and grow your business rapidly

- Confidence- Understand how to write authentically and stay true to yourself and your artistic vision without sounding, or fear of sounding, fake, salesy, spammy, self-promoting or self-indulgent

- How to use all of the above in a proven system that gets you clients and grows your business!

How Storyteller works-

  • I'll be teaching a module a week for 8 weeks to guide you through the exact processes + strategies you NEED

  • Permanent access to the modules so if you can't make the live date you will be able to access them at any time

  • Transcriptions available to support each module

  • Includes handouts, worksheets, templates to help you start planning and using the material immediately in your business

  • PLUS LIVE support from me + the opportunity to ask for help, reviews, and advice

A Little About Me- 

I'm a business mentor, photographer, and amazon-bestselling author who is also a wife and mama of 2 girls aged 2 and 3.  My gifts are helping creative and smart women to understand how to use their businesses to obtain financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, and happiness, by understanding how to communicate with their clients. 


This isn't all just theory either (though I do have 10 years + experience in both marketing and photography) - my first photography business failed spectacularly, leaving my depressed and broke.

When I realised what I had to do (MASSIVE HINT; ALMOST EVERYTHING HERE IN THIS COURSE) to turn my business around and applied it to my NEW photography business a few years later, I was able to create a financially abundant business that was fully booked at high-end prices, and which got me featured in places such as Magnolia Rouge Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Inspired by This! and a ton of other publications and magazines.  

I was able to travel to my favourite countries as a result of my flourishing business and shoot in dream locations, and my business also enabled me a ton of free time to stay home with my baby girls, and for my husband to leave his full time job too. 

This isn't difficult to achieve, although the crowded creative industries would have you believe that it is. 

It's a matter of being bold, brave, and taking a step away from what every other person in your field out there is doing- in order to create your own pathway. 

It's about understanding above all, what your clients want, how to communicate with them, and how to be your unique self within business. 

That's why I created this course. 

Every businesswoman out there deserves to have a flourishing, successful business. 

Everyone deserves to be able to access this knowledge in a way that won't take one million hours of online searching, stumbling around in the dark for answers, and just 'hoping for the best'.

Everyone deserves help and assistance from someone else who has already been in the trenches and come out the other side. 

Everyone deserves to feel GOOD at this! To KNOW that their business can work because they finally, truly GET the ESSENCE of good marketing. 

Figuring out what your client wants, and figuring out the best way to be able to show them that you've got it.

That's all good marketing is! 

Want to know how to do that? 

And do you REALLY want to make a change in your business?

  • Nadia Meli
    I have no words to describe what happened yesterday!!!! Honestly! Charlie is such a special woman, so focused, so motivational, "tough" when it is needed, but always caring and warm at the same time. Truly incredible to have that all combined in one person smile emoticon She opened my eyes to so so so many things, and we covered so much ground in our time together, not once did I go to the bathroom! smile emoticon I love my business and I am on a good way, but there is so much room for growth and I booked my time with her because I knew that I reached a point where I couldn't grow alone anymore, without someone to give me a push and show me my future. If you are still thinking about a day with Charlie let me tell you : IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT (and a lot more). Be prepared to have your mind blown and then be prepared to get to work! I had the most stressful 3 days, with getting to Cheltenham (not so easy at night, on bank holiday, without a car!) and back to London for a morning flight, not sleeping more than 4 hours for 3 nights in a row - BUT it was ALL worth it!!! I would do it again today, because the value Charlie gives is huge. After such a crazy time I would normally be tired and first crash on my couch, but I got home and I was so energized with motivation, that I am starting on the things we discussed right now, today. Do yourself and your business a favor and invest in this. I am so glad I did, I cannot even tell you. Sometimes you need an outside person to give you clarity, because you are caught up inside yourself and your business that you don't see the obvious yourself. So beneficial. I cant even!!!! (loud sigh!!!)
    Nadia Meli

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